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 So, you want to have a “Summer Camp” experience for your students. 

Diy Summer camp

If you think you’d like to bring your group of students for some summer fun on the Lake, we can help you “tailor” your own “summer camp” program. We are very limited in our lodging, dining, and meeting spaces, so these options are not available for all dates during our summer season and are completely dependent on the availability of volunteers and facilities.  If you are interested in one of our "tailored" options, please download our "DIY Options" document and contact our camp director as soon as possible.


Option 1

Option 1 is our “bare bones” option where you simply “rent” the facilities you need (e.g. Lodges, Picnic Pavilion, conference room, etc.), and you do everything else (teaching, meals, recreation, devotionals, music, scheduling, counselors/chaperones, support staff, etc.). Pricing is based on the facilities you’ll be using and the number of days/nights you’ll be staying. 

Option 2

Option 2 is more of a “partnership” arrangement sharing duties between our staff and yours. There are 4 variants of this option.


Option 3

Option 3 is our “fully programmed” option which, much like our annual Girls’ and Boys’ Weeks, includes all the lodging, dining, recreation, and spiritual activities. As with other Options, you will be responsible for providing in-Lodge/in-Chapel counselors and support staff. 

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