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Our corporate core values and statement of faith reflect our commitment to hold fast and hold forth the commandments and principles of our eternal, unchangeable, and sovereign God as they apply to our individual and family relationships. 

We believe that:

  • There is one God revealed to us in three co-equal, co-eternal persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


  • Jesus Christ, God the Son, fully God and fully man, was born of a virgin, lived a perfect sinless life, was crucified and died a substitutionary death, was buried, was resurrected alive, lives forever, and is coming back to establish an earthly kingdom.


  • The Holy Spirit convicts man of his sin and convinces him of his need for a Savior.  The Holy Spirit seals and indwells the Christian believer to teach, warn, comfort, encourage, and give assurance of salvation.


  • The first man (Adam) was created perfect by God, but fell into sin in the Garden of Eden as a result of Satan’s deceit and man’s own prideful desires.  Because of his sin, Adam was cast out of the Garden, and his perfect relationship with God was destroyed.


  • Because of Adam’s original sin, every man and woman is born with a sin nature, and is condemned to die, physically and spiritually.  Man can be saved from spiritual death by God’s grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone, God’s only Son, and the only redemption provided for man.  Only after salvation is man’s personal relationship with God restored.


  • God communicates with man through His written Word, the Bible, inerrant and immutable, and through His Holy Spirit who indwells every believer. The Bible is wholly sufficient for understanding man’s origin, purpose, and relationships with God and other men.  Man communicates with God through prayer and worship.


  • Man and woman were both created by God, equal in value, but with different roles.  The man is the head of the wife and family.  The husband must love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself sacrificially for it.  The wife must submit to her husband’s authority and leadership.  Children must honor and obey their parents.


  • We should value each other as God values us, remembering that the price He paid to redeem us was His only Son.  There is no room for partiality or discrimination based on sex, race, color, stature, physical health or wealth.


  • Marriage is the first institution ordained by God, uniting one man and one woman as husband and wife; one flesh, one family.  This definition specifically excludes homosexual relationships as families, but includes single parent families.


  • God hates divorce, so great effort should be made to keep marriages together, and to restore broken family relationships.  There is, however, great grace available to those who have suffered divorce and are repentant.


  • The husband-wife relationship is the primary relationship in the family. This priority does not change when husbands and wives become parents.  Children are a great heritage from the Lord.  It is the parents’ responsibility to teach them the commandments of God and train them in righteousness. However, parents should not neglect the priority husband-wife relationship.

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